Friday, May 12, 2017

Tie me up

Hello lovelies! Its fashion Friday!!! I have loved looking for pieces recently that are different from items that I also love how these shoes bring the whole look together!!!

Happy Friday I hope you all have something fun planned this weekend!!

Mindy Sue

Thursday, May 4, 2017

MMMM mmmm Bring on Summer!!!

How they really feel about taking blog pics.


Ladies! Who else has a serious problem with online shopping??? Raise them hands up in the air, I know I cannot be the only one. Lately I have loved to choose different pieces online, screen shot them and then put them in a collage and make an outfit. This outfit was actually put together that way and I absolutely had to have it! I usually find a certain piece that I like.... (with this case it was the shoes, I mean could you die?) And then I build from that! Its actually pretty fun.... So it you are ever bored and want to create an outfit without spending money screenshot away, but beware if its something super cute you will probably want to buy it!
This has to be one of my favorite outfits right now I Lulu Bella Boutique seriously has some of the cutest shirts, I need them all please! And don't even get me started on these shoes right now, they are probably some of the favorite ones I own. 
I am pretty much just rambling at this point so sorry if you are still reading but don't my baby boys look extra smashing in their chambray jackets? I love dressing them in blue it just makes those blue eyes pop and that bright blonde hair look even brighter!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mindy, Charlie, and Porter.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Straight up Mommin"

Top: Old Similar here
Jacket: H&M similar
Necklace: Bohme

Top: Carters
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy

WEEEEEELLLL HELLO! Its seriously been forever since my face has actually been on here and I have seriously missed fashion blogging so much! If you have a blog you understand how time consuming it is and that it can sometimes gets expensive. Being a new mom of two I am finally figuring out(after a year) that I need to start doing something for myself again that makes me happy. Us momma's gotta make time for us too! So here it goes! I wont be posting a ton but my feed will be popping up with at least a little more content than it was! I hope you enjoy, and leave your comments below!ew

Mindy Sue, Charlie, and Porter