Monday, December 29, 2014

Santa Was Good to Me! And a Review You Will LOVE!

Hello lovely ladies I am back at it and I have really, really missed blogging ahh!! The clothes have been piling up in my closet just waiting to be put on the blog. But I have really just been waiting for Santa to bring me a special surprise... And it turns out that I was on the nice list this year!!! Christmas day I got a Canon Rebel T5i and I was so excited to get out and take some shots with it! I seriously love it and the difference it makes is absolutely amazing! I am hoping to really get back at blogging in the new year.

I was recently asked by Eshakti to review one of their dresses and let me tell ya, it was so hard to choose just one dress! But when I saw this one of the site I was in love from the beautiful black lace to the stunning color. And ladies it has POCKETS, I don't know about you but when a dress has pockets its a huge plus for me don't ask me why I just love the pockets! The best part is that when you order one of Eshakti's dresses is that you get to choose the length and everything, you can totally customize it to how you want it to fit your body. It came quickly and I was so thrilled with how the dress looked! I would definitely recommend you order one fast! You won't regret it and another plus if you order before January, 21 and use the code stylebysuzy you can get 10% off your whole purchase!! You can also get this dress on sale!!! Wahoo!

|Cardigan: Old similar|Dress: Eshakti|Shoes: DSW|

Displaying 250x250-9-11-14-2.jpg

Don't forget to use the code stylebysuzy to get your 10% off!!! Thanks for reading hope you have been having a great holiday!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas From our House to Yours!!

Well hello there lovely readers!!! I am not even going to mention my lack of posting... haha. Anyways I had to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am hoping the new year brings on more blogging consistency a fresh start!

                  This video is so amazing I dare you to watch it you will love it! Merry Christmas!


And this holiday season be sure you remember that the true meaning of Christmas is MORE CHRIST! #sharethegift

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some Boho in The Snow!

Ahh I have been such a loser on my blog and there is no excuse..... except for the part where I asked Santa Claus for a new camera.... So I am really wanting to wait on taking pics of my favorite outfits until I get one! Fingers crossed hopefully I have been a good enough girl to get one!

This outfit I have had hanging in the closet for ages just been waiting for a time we could find the right lighting to go out and take some pics. This outfit is seriously so comfortable I bought the shirt in a larger size because it was the only one and on sale and then I shrunk it down to size. I love the lace detail on the sleeve and the color is so pretty! The vest oh my goodness the vest.... its so gorgeous and has some beautiful details that I fell in love with when I was and this shirt went perfect with it!


|Vest and Shirt: Buckle | Jeans: American Eagle| Heels: Shoe Carnival|
Hope you enjoyed!!! Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transitioning Summer into Fall and a Christmas GIVEAWAY!

Hello again... sorry for being MIA I could never get around to posting the last two weeks... oops, but here is a fun post for you.

I wanted to share with you guys a way to make some of your summer dresses appropriate for the fall/winter weather by adding a few simple pieces. This dress from H&M has been one of my favorites this past summer and I simply couldn't leave it hanging in my closet for these cold few months. So I added this adorable mustard cardigan that I snagged from Bella Ella and I love it. Its the perfect color for fall and the brass buttons give it a lovely touch, also paired with this beautimous lace scarf from Francecas... Love it! Then I added some of the most comfiest gray leggings from Aerie and there you have it a summer dress turned into a fall outfit. I almost forgot these flats I seriously wear everyday they match almost anything and they are so comfy and cute, you should totally check them out. 

So to make your summer dress fall appropriate just add...
-Cute scarf
-Leggings or tights
-I wore flats but you can also add some boots

|Dress: H&M similar|Cardigan: Bella Ella|Scarf: Francescas| Shoes:Shoe Carnival|

Don't you just love my new blog design??? I had to update it a little bit and Bailey was amazing to work with.... if you need up updated your blog you should definitely check her out here.

Hope you  enjoyed my outfit post but I also have been itching to break out the Christmas decor its really been killing me so instead of doing that right now here a little Christmas inspired giveaway... Enjoy and good luck!

Who is ready for some Christmas shopping mula!?! I have teamed up with a few other bloggers to bring this giveaway to you I hope you enjoy!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner of last weeks giveaway is.. 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Dress Four Different Styles- Part Four: Fall Chic

Hello lovely readers! I hope you have had a fantastic week so far, I  seriously can't believe its already Wednesday, and that October is almost over! Where has time gone?

Here is my last style post for my series with this cute nautical dress from Mindy Mae's Market. For this look I simply added this beautiful plum jacket, some pretty dazzling jewelry, and these super comfy black booties!! I hope you have enjoyed this series and thanks for reading.

|Jacket: Lulu's| Dress: Mindy Mae's| Shoes: Shoe Carnival|
 |Necklace: Icing

Hope you enjoyed this series be sure to comment below and follow along! Be sure to let me know what one your favorite is down below.

            Edgy Floral                     Classic Boho                  Comfy Casual

Monday, October 20, 2014

Life Is Not Meant To Be Perfect.

Hello blogging peeps! Don't get to excited because this is not a style post so I am sorry for that. I have just been really wanting to share some of the things I have learned in my twenty one years of living, and some things that have really just been eating at me. So here it all goes.....

First off I have never ever wanted to be one of those bloggers who just puts up pretty pictures of perfect outfits, hair, ect. I mean I am not going to lie I have a pretty amazing life and I am surrounded by pretty amazing people, but my life is not at all perfect in any way shape or form. Because guess what life is not meant to be perfect and there is no one in this life that is perfect and I am really sorry if you think you are because your not.... sorry to burst your bubble.

We all have certain struggles and dislikes about ourselves. Mistakes in our past that we want to change but you know what we can't. And that is definitely not a bad thing, because in this life our mistakes are what define us as human beings, they either make us better or tear us down. In my life I have never made any gigantic mistake, but all the small ones that I have made make up my gigantic mistake. So why would I judge someone else for their mistake no matter how big or small if I have made just as many mistakes just in different ways? Like President Uchtdorf kind of said in one of his talks "Don't judge me because I make different mistakes than you do." I did not exactly quote what he said because I wanted to switch the word sin with mistake, but you get what I mean.

Now I am just going to get to the purpose of this post I promise you just keep reading. I don't like when people judge others that they don't even know, by the mistakes that they have made in the past. And what I am going to say next has been really hard for me and I have tried to hide it, I have not said anything about it to people because I do not what them judging me or my husband for past mistakes. At first it was mistake I wish I could have erased forever, but now after almost two years I am learning to be ok with this mistake.

Divorce has a crazy stigma that once you say you or your spouse has been divorced its like an instant judgment switch turns on. People instantly start thinking you are a bad person and they start wondering what you did wrong. When in all reality marriage is hard, its something that you have to work at and you have to want it. In a marriage both spouses have to have the same end goals in this life, they both have to be willing to give it a hundred and twenty percent all of the time. And once there is a slip and other things start becoming more important your marriage will start to dwindle. Soon there will be nothing left to fight for anymore especially when the other person has already given up. No matter how many years you have been together things can break and years will mean nothing.

And now comes the part of letting our mistakes make us into better people, or break us into someone we would never want to be. Yes I am finally saying it my husband went through a divorce, and yes it was an incredibly hard time for him and I can't even imagine seeing him so hurt. I wish I could have been there to help, but it just wasn't yet my time to be in his life. So right now I just want to thank all of his family and his amazing friends (you know who you are) for making him feel like a needed person. Now I think of his divorce not even a mistake but an amazing life changing experience for him, a huge building block in making him the person he is today. He is one of the few that did not let his mistake tear him down he let it build him up tremendously! He kept doing the things he knew were right and I am so thankful for that because him doing what he was suppose to was how we met. He is probably one of the strongest most amazing people that I know, one of the best examples that I could ever have. Heavenly Father gave him his trial and he overcame it and it made him one of the greatest men I know. I am so thankful for him in my life and I am so thankful that I get to be sealed to him for all time and eternity. I love you to the moon and back Travy!

So I guess all in all don't let your mistakes define your life, let them build you up and make you a
 better person. And stop judging the book by its cover get to know someone before you go in and judge their life. This life is not meant to be perfect but we can become more perfected by the mistakes and trials in our lives if we take them in the right way.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I really hope this can help someone somehow I love your guys! Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 17, 2014

One Dress Four Different Styles- Part Three: Comfy Casual

Hello ladies, and happy Friday! Today already feels like Saturday I guess that's because its fall break and I have been loving every bit of it. Even though its only been one day and I didn't get to go any place fun (like disneyland). I got to deep clean the house yesterday which always feels so nice after its done. Plus its always nice just to bum around at home and get stuff done.

Onto my look number three, comfy casual! This look seriously screams comfort from these super cute gray converse to this adorable flannel shirt wrapped around my waste. This outfit is simple and so adorable, it dresses things down a bit and makes it wearable to the grocery store or a basketball game. Not to mention my husband loves flannel so that makes this outfit a total success! Annnnd.... flannel is so in this fall, Old Navy has amazingly cute flannel shirts. So make sure you check them out because I think they are on sale! Enjoy!

| Dress: Mindy Mae's | Flannel Shirt: Old Navy | Earrings: Mindy Mae's | Converse: Nordstrom | 

I hope you have enjoyed this series so far! Don't forget to check back because there is still one more outfit! Leave a comment below and make sure you follow along!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just a little GIVEAWAY!

Hello ladies!!! I am so excited to bring you this lovely giveaway with these amazing bloggers! This giveaway is open internationally! :) good luck!

Monday, October 13, 2014

One Dress Four Different Styles- Part Two: Classic Boho

Hello and HAPPY MONDAY!! I hope you guys all had a great weekend mine was just fantastic. It started off on Friday night at Provo Fashion Week and it was a total blast! It was so fun to see some of the designs.... and I met some of my favorite, most amazing fashion bloggers. It was honestly like a dream come true. Then on Saturday my mom, sisters, aunt, and I went out to our yearly tradition at Garner Village. We went to Witchapalooza like always and it was great, it is always sooo darn cute up there and we have such a good time together!

 As promised I am back with my series and it has been so much fun to pick and choose what to style this cute dress with. For this outfit I chose to add some classic bohemian pieces like the fringe in the scarf the cute vest and the gold headband all these pieces worked out really well to bring you Classic Boho. Ok that is all I have to say today... Enjoy this bohemian inspired outfit and make sure to follow this blog and also follow me on bloglovin!

I just had to post this because Archie loves to come help take blog pictures and he usually ends up something like this!

|Dress: Mindy Mae's| Vest: Style Says Shop| Scarf: Old, similar| Booties: Old Navy

     Check out my last post here: Edgy Floral               

Stay tuned for look three coming soon!!! You are going to love it!
Please leave your comments below!

P.s I LOVE FALL aren't the trees in these pics gorgeous!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

One Dress Four Different Styles - Part One: Edgy Floral

Hello lovlies I told you I would have some fun posts up this week I hope you loved my bedroom makeover post!!! I am back on board into this blogging thing feeling pretty fresh and loving working with my fall wardrobe!

Anyways I am super super excited to share these next couple of outfit posts! I have seen a couple bloggers do them and they looked like so much fun so I decided to give it a shot. I am planning on styling one dress, in four different ways to show you how easy it is to use a versatile piece to make four different statement outfits! 

Onto outfit one, when I was putting this together I had no idea what to call it, but as soon as I added this necklace from MMM I knew it had to be Edgy Floral. Edginess can also come from the dark colors of this fun floral bomber jacket its so perfect and totally fits the name. These heels are to die for they are so stunning and simply a must! Funny story about the edgy part of this name, my mom and I were shopping and she was trying on a few different things and I was telling her what I thought. When I told her that what she was wearing looked a bit edgy it must have really stuck with her because when she was trying on more stuff in another store she said "Mindy does this look.... wait what was that word you said again.... oh ya edgy!" I just started laughing at her she is such a nerd! I hope you enjoy my first outfit because there is definitely more to come!!!

|Dress: Mindy Mae's Market| Jacket: Maurices| Necklace: Mindy Mae's Market|
|Heels: Lulu's| Eyelash Extentions: Kelly (I love them call her and schedule an appt she is amazing!)|

 Look two coming next week! Stay tuned!!! Make sure you leave me a comment and Happy Friday!