Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fancy print cover up and Laid back blue Shirt.

Happy Thursday to all!! Guess what, its Friday eve people only one more day until the weekend. And I don't know about you but I am so ready for this week to be over, its been long and I have a dang cold that will probably last until summer weather. Yay for some weekend fun, rest and relaxation. :)

 Holy moly I really can't believe it snowed yesterday, it wasn't very much snow but still what the heck... Hopefully my outfit post of today will cheer you up! My top and my cover up I actually bought separately around the same time and when I was hanging them up, I realized the blues matched perfectly, it was love at first sight! This fancy printed cover up is super stunning and I love the dark orange almost red color, the print on it is so pretty and makes the cover up complete! The dark blue shirt is my favorite I could sleep in it because its so soft and comfy.(Wishing I could have one of every color.) I got it at a boutique I recently found in Spanish Fork called Contagious they have such cute stuff and I will be posting more clothing that I got there later on. :) The necklace I am wearing is totally adorable and super unique I love it and I actually got it at Contagious as well. The cute snake skin shoes I love, they have a cute little point that to my astonishment I really do like. They make my feet look so cute, and add some drama to my outfit! Everybody who knows me knows I love shoes!!! I love finding shoes that are cheap but still good, cute, wearable shoes its always a great day when I purchase cute cheap shoes. I will let you in on a secret I bought two pairs of shoes the other day for thirty bucks, that was a screaming deal to me! They were at Target and its buy one get one half off! So get your booty over there and get some shoes before the week is over!

Cover up: Fashion Corner Shirt: Contagious Pants: AE Shoes: Old Navy

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