Friday, March 14, 2014

I LOVE this Polka dot Chambray!!!

Hello again, and happy fabulous Friday to all! I love Fridays because luckily, I am blessed enough to get them off. :) So I get to start my weekend a little early, do whatever I want be lazy and sit around in some nice comfy sweats. Or maybe get out and actually get something done which is pretty fantastic! Plus it means the weekend is starting, time for some fun with my hun!! :)

For today's OOTD I chose this very cute Chambray with polka dots, now I usually don't like these kinds of shirts because they don't fit me very well but I really love this one and how it flatters me. Also I got this beautiful necklace (amazon) to dress it with and its pretty stunning if I may say so myself, I put on some matching gold bangle bracelets to help spice it up even more! (Sometimes I thinks its weird when I wear gold with silver, I just feel funny putting them together sometimes! Oh well maybe I will get over it, just my little tangent.) And to finish the outfit I added my coral buttoned pencil skirt that I have actually had for a while now, as well with these wedge heels. And kaCHING you have a cute outfit to wear out and about! I love the color coral it makes me feel like spring is finally here, and putting it with sandal wedges is just me itching for some more warm weather!

Chambray: Conversation Pieces Necklace: Amazon similar
Skirt: Old similar Shoes: Old similar