Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A new Obsession!

Alright so I have a new obsession, well actually I have two new obsessions. First is with these gorgeous spring floral crowns! And the second, you may have noticed that my hair is just a weee bit longer.... YES I did get some hair extensions and I really do love them, sooo lets just pretend they are my real hair. :)
Thanks to the wonderful Julie for making them look amazing!!!

More about this amazing OOTD and the awesome fad that has been going on with these floral crowns! Yes I just did jump on the band wagon of floral crowns and I wish that I had a thousand more, they make every outfit look so girly, chic and elegant! Now lets talk about this mesh lacy kimono which I adore, it can really give you that elegant look that you want and it so comfy and casual. I added a basic pocket tee from Gap and honestly everyone needs a shirt similar to this, I wish I could get one of every color its just an essential piece for your wardrobe. I added some comfy jeans and these beautifully colored shoes from Lulu's. I have been loving most of my outfit posts lately haha so I am going to say again this is one of my favorites, it also leaves me feeling a little like a woodland fairy!

Kimono: Pacsun Tee: Gap Jeans: AE Heels: Lulu's  Headwrap: Icing

Hope you all enjoyed this springy outfit of mine!
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XX, Mindy Sue

Friday, April 25, 2014

Favorite Beauty Products this Month!

So I decided I would share some of my recently favorite beauty products on the blog today just for fun and something a little different! These products I just recently found but have fallen in love it instantly, hope you enjoy this post! Happy Friday!!

Starting with my eyebrows. The blogging world has made me really want to investigate lots of different products and eyebrows are really big right now. I have read a ton about eyebrows and how they are very important for shaping your face. So I decided to head over to my go to brand Mac and try some out! I did not want to make my eyebrows look all fake I just wanted to add a little shape and to make my light eyebrows a little bit darker and to give them some pop! And this product did the job for my blondie eyebrows, the color is Omega  and I am pretty sure it is used for eye shadow but I absolutely love it for my eyebrows.

Next is also on the eyes! Your eyes are the window to your soul, so you gotta make them look good and this mascara does its job! I love how the hourglass brush grabs every lash and makes them look fantastically long. I have only been using this mascara for about a week and a half and it has been an amazing products its placed in first place along with my obsession with The Colossal Volum' Expess mascara by Maybelline.

Back to my obsession with Mac cosmetics and this amazing liquid eyeliner I got this maybe about a three weeks ago and at first I was like what the heck this is so hard to use but as I kept using it I found that I got use to using it as I practiced more and more, it is so easy to use and outlines my eyes with a perfect dark black line and can really create that beautiful winged look that is so in right now! The color is Blacktrack and the brush that I use for my eyebrows and for my eyeliner is the Small Angle Brush and is great for making those precise lines.

Now onto lips I have also been recently using this lip gloss and its truly my favorite I love the color the shine everything! It makes my lips feel and look super fantastic. Its one of the new amazing Elixirs from Maybelline. I got this at Walgreens and its really not that expensive and I really enjoy wearing some thing that didn't cost a fortune!

I hope you all loved my first beauty post.

Sorry I had to post a picture of my new hat!!! I love it got it at Pacsun. I rarely wear hats but when I do it means I am going to do something adventurous... or that my hair just wasn't working right! :) Every time I read this hat it makes me start singing a certain song and remember back when I was watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager when I was in HS, you know the beginning song.... Well if you don't know what I am talking about its here haha sorry for the randomness! Enjoy your Friday, and have a great weekend!!!

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Mindy Sue!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I like to Call a Classic!

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and got to fill up on lots of candy before going back to that strict summer body diet!! :) My favorite part of Easter was spending time with my family. I love holidays for that reason, they just seem to get everyone together! The week is half way over wahoo! I hope you all enjoy today's outfit because it is also one of my favorites!

This outfit is truly a classic, there is nothing easier than dressing a classic and that's why I love it so much! This outfit is actually Pinterest inspired I know, I know we all love our Pinterest! If you want to check that outfit out here. I loved the way this outfit looked but still wanted to add my personal touches. I found myself these beautifully modest distressed jeans at American Eagle and I really adore them! Now I didn't think that I really would like them very much because back in the day when I was in Junior High, they were kind of popular and I wasn't very fond of them. But I thought hey now that they are back in style I will try them again and I just fell in love with them! This shirt is just a classic white button up, which is pretty much as essential to have in your wardrobe. By adding some bling from Mindy Mae's and a simple black bag from H&M really makes this plain white button up look very classy.The pop of pink with these amazing sandal heels from Lulu's just completes this outfit amazingly.

Button up: Old Navy Jeans: AE Heels: Lulu's Necklace MMM Bag: H&M

Be sure to leave me a comment and have a lovely Wednesday!!

Love ya!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Style!

Well hello its Friday people we made it through the week, its also Easter weekend so Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope that you all can find some fun Easter egg hunts to attend I know I will have a few to go to. My mom even said she is going to do a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt WAHOO! I am so stoked, mostly because instead of candy she fills us grown ups eggs with some mula! Ka-ching :)

This would be what I consider my Easter outfit, I know the skirt (which is super comfy) isn't very pastel colored but hey I think it still fits in for some good Easter style! Plus I did add a great pastel colored necklace and this beautiful bow belt that I adore! Seriously the belt is so cute I love the the color and the style. This whole outfit shirt, skirt, and belt is from My Sister's Closet in Spanish Fork. They have so many ridiculously cute things and for really great prices, when I went in I couldn't help myself so I just put my whole outfit together there. You may just want to get over there if you can and check them out.

Shirt, skirt, and belt: MSCB Shoes: Famous Footwear ON SALE!!!

Be sure to leave a comment and have a great Easter weekend!

Mindy Sue :)

Monday, April 14, 2014


Happy Monday!!! As much as I hate Monday's I am kind of glad to be out of Spring Break, don't get me wrong it was blissful but its nice to get back into the swing of things again. We will see if I still think that at the end of the day. :)

For today's OOTD I chose this simply beautiful Sunset Triangle cardigan which was perfect for the cold spring weather we had awhile back. It is so comfy and warm, I love the beautiful knit on the sleeves and the length it goes to in the front. These booties I am wearing are amazing, I am totally obsessed with them and I find myself wearing them quite often. They are a nice color which complements a lot of the things I wear, I just can't get over them. Now as you can see I am wearing a lot of neutrals and I added this stunning blush bag from Lucy Mint that I am also obsessing over, the color is amazing, the inside just makes you happy, and its a cross body bag! I LOOOVE crossbody bags they are so much easier to manage. I added some cute pearls which I love and there is my outfit!

Cardigan: Hopes Pants: AE Bag: Lucy Mint Booties: Old Navy similar 
Necklace: Icing

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Colors bring on the Warmth!

Hi ladies and happy happy Friday!! Its a bittersweet Friday for me because my work Spring break is over, but I am excited to head back to teaching my lovely preschoolers I sure do miss them! I just have to share something that absolutely made my day/night! So the other night I got a phone call, and I am super weird about answering the phone when I don't know the number. So anyways I didn't answer and soon after got a voice mail, and on the voice mail I heard a sweet little voice . I called back to find out it was one of my sweetest little preschoolers she said "Miss Mindy, when is Spring Break going to be over? I really miss you!" I was so happy to hear that and it made me totally giddy! Oh the little things can really make you the happiest!

On another happy note here is this colorful number in which I adore! There is something about wearing bright colors that makes any dark rainy day into a sunny one. And yes I am saying that an outfit can make your day better and you know it! I bought these jeans(so comfy) at AE and knew I had to find a super cute top to go with them and TADA this super cute colorful kimono hit my vision perfectly, plus it has pockets so that's an A+! I have to say this is one of my absolute favorites I love the color, the jewels, the comfort, everything about this outfit! Onto my accessories I seriously love them and can't get enough of them, I think I could wear them everyday, they make you feel so elegant and girly no matter what your are wearing! I got this beautiful Cassidy Necklace and super cute Crystal Dot Bracelet from Mindy Mae's Market follow them on instagram for some really great discounts they have some amazing stuff!!!

Kimono: Cotton On similar Jeans: American Eagle Necklace: MMM
 Bracelet: MMM Shoes: Payless

Hope you enjoyed! Leave your comments below and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Floral Spring Lovin!

Happy Hump Day!!! YEAH YEAH!!! I cannot believe its already Wednesday ahhh! I feel like I haven't posted in forever which is kinda true since I posted last Thursday. But lets move onto this amazing outfit!

I am loving this spring floral number that I purchased not to long ago at the wonderful Contagious Boutique. When I walked into the store and saw it I knew it was something I had to have in my spring wardrobe! But there was only one left and it was not my size, so sadly I just browsed around the store looking for other items. All the sudden I spotted something out of the corner of my eye and BAM there it was dressing a mannequin!!! I was jumping for joy when I took it off and realized it was my size! I don't know if its normal or not but I am always undressing the mannequins haha. Anyways I wore this blouse pretty simply because its already gorgeous the color, the floral, and all, I just added this cute lace scarf that I have worn before here. I love love love this scarf I can't even describe the love I have for it, I mean it is a simple accessory yet it makes your outfit look very classy and elegant.

Shirt: Contagious Scarf: Francesca's (only five left!!!) Pants: AE Shoes: Amazon :)

I really enjoy reading your comments! So go ahead and tell me what you think!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vest, Diamonds and the Reasons Why I Started my own Fashion Blog.

Good morning and Happy Friday Eve, I hope you have all been enjoying your week!

On this post I just wanted to tell a little bit more about myself and why I started the blog. First of all I found the most amazing blogger, and her blog led me to sooo many more fantastic bloggers and I became totally obsessed!!! This girls name is Rachel Porter, I seriously don't even know her I have met her once but really don't know her. I found her blog with instagram and fell in love with it instantly! Kinda creepy.... but anyways I think all of you should check her out because I love her style, she is one of the main reason I decided to start up fashion blogging, because she gave me the idea. So be sure to check her blog out here.

I have always really loved fashion, when I was younger I told my dad I was going to be a fashion designer and he told me I would have to move to New York to be something like that.(I did end up in NY but as a nanny, but I accumulated some great clothing there.) Despite what he said I would always take my little doodling notebook and sketch designs of dresses, tutu,s, (because I have always loved dancing) and what ever else I wanted, I would do it all the time when I was bored.
That phase kind of dwindled to an end and I just started to really enjoy clothing and spending money on clothing and jewelry, I am obsessed with cute jewelry and I love anything that makes it different . (my poor husband) I knew when I saw all these bloggers I just had to start one up myself and I really enjoy it, and hope to become a more experienced blogger. Anyways there is my little spill I hope you feel informed haha.

Now onto today's OOTD I chose this super comfy jersey dress, I styled it more like a shirt because I am to tall to style this short of dress and still be modest. I love the print and color on this shirt and it was only 10 bucks so I couldn't turn it down! I made this outfit a little more edgy with this super sweet vest and cute simple necklace from Style Says Shop. They have some really good accessories that I have been drooling over so make sure to got look at all their cute stuff!

Dress/Shirt: H&M Vest: Style Says Shop Necklace: Style Says Shop Pants: AE Boots: Forever Young

Have a fantastic day and a stellar weekend! Love me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

White stripes and a Red Scarf!

Happy April fools day!!!! I don't normally engage in this fooling holiday but just maybe today I will pull some fancy pranks! Any ideas? I hope you are all doing great even though this weather is super bipolar and can't decide weather it wants to be hot or cold!!! Welcome to Utah's Spring weather, if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes.

Now onto a more happy note, my outfit! For today's OOTD I chose this beautiful white striped black cardigan that I love! I paired it with a simple white shirt and a bold red infinity scarf, I really like the way it came together and the colors look fantastic!(even though its just simple red and black) Also I love the turquoise bracelets that I found at Forever 21 and seriously turquoise matches almost anything so I love when I find some good turquoise colored jewelry. I love the way any color can add so much sophistication to an outfit. By just pairing my simple red scarf and turquoise bangle bracelets it makes this outfit look so cute and complete.

Cardigan: Annie Jean Scarf: Rue 21 Pants: Buckle Boots: Forever Young