Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vest, Diamonds and the Reasons Why I Started my own Fashion Blog.

Good morning and Happy Friday Eve, I hope you have all been enjoying your week!

On this post I just wanted to tell a little bit more about myself and why I started the blog. First of all I found the most amazing blogger, and her blog led me to sooo many more fantastic bloggers and I became totally obsessed!!! This girls name is Rachel Porter, I seriously don't even know her I have met her once but really don't know her. I found her blog with instagram and fell in love with it instantly! Kinda creepy.... but anyways I think all of you should check her out because I love her style, she is one of the main reason I decided to start up fashion blogging, because she gave me the idea. So be sure to check her blog out here.

I have always really loved fashion, when I was younger I told my dad I was going to be a fashion designer and he told me I would have to move to New York to be something like that.(I did end up in NY but as a nanny, but I accumulated some great clothing there.) Despite what he said I would always take my little doodling notebook and sketch designs of dresses, tutu,s, (because I have always loved dancing) and what ever else I wanted, I would do it all the time when I was bored.
That phase kind of dwindled to an end and I just started to really enjoy clothing and spending money on clothing and jewelry, I am obsessed with cute jewelry and I love anything that makes it different . (my poor husband) I knew when I saw all these bloggers I just had to start one up myself and I really enjoy it, and hope to become a more experienced blogger. Anyways there is my little spill I hope you feel informed haha.

Now onto today's OOTD I chose this super comfy jersey dress, I styled it more like a shirt because I am to tall to style this short of dress and still be modest. I love the print and color on this shirt and it was only 10 bucks so I couldn't turn it down! I made this outfit a little more edgy with this super sweet vest and cute simple necklace from Style Says Shop. They have some really good accessories that I have been drooling over so make sure to got look at all their cute stuff!

Dress/Shirt: H&M Vest: Style Says Shop Necklace: Style Says Shop Pants: AE Boots: Forever Young

Have a fantastic day and a stellar weekend! Love me!


  1. awww thanks for your sweet words! So glad you started a blog, it's so fun! :)

  2. I am too! I love it so much its an amazing outlet for me! Its super exciting to put together what I am going to wear next haha