Tuesday, April 1, 2014

White stripes and a Red Scarf!

Happy April fools day!!!! I don't normally engage in this fooling holiday but just maybe today I will pull some fancy pranks! Any ideas? I hope you are all doing great even though this weather is super bipolar and can't decide weather it wants to be hot or cold!!! Welcome to Utah's Spring weather, if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes.

Now onto a more happy note, my outfit! For today's OOTD I chose this beautiful white striped black cardigan that I love! I paired it with a simple white shirt and a bold red infinity scarf, I really like the way it came together and the colors look fantastic!(even though its just simple red and black) Also I love the turquoise bracelets that I found at Forever 21 and seriously turquoise matches almost anything so I love when I find some good turquoise colored jewelry. I love the way any color can add so much sophistication to an outfit. By just pairing my simple red scarf and turquoise bangle bracelets it makes this outfit look so cute and complete.

Cardigan: Annie Jean Scarf: Rue 21 Pants: Buckle Boots: Forever Young

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