Friday, May 9, 2014

A little Bit of Boho

Well hello ladies, happy Friday to all! I am glad its almost the weekend and this one for me is just full of relaxation, hopefully it will be warm and that dang sun will stay out for longer than two seconds! I have the coolest story to tell you so yesterday, I was at my in laws house just visiting and this cowboy walked in for a visit with my father in law. And when I say cowboy I mean like olden day cowboy wearing a neckerchief, hat, wranglers, suspenders, and the sweet mustaches where is goes down past his chin. He had the whole cowboy shabang! Trav and I walked over and the guy turned around shook Trav's hand and then he lifted his hat to me!! Are you kidding me lifted his hat nobody has ever done that to me and it was pretty darn awesome that he was such an olden day gentlemen, like in all those cowboy movies!! Pretty special right? Anyways that was a ramble and a half now on to my cute outfit!

I got a high low skirt finally and I adore it, I love how flowy and comfy it is and the color is stunning. I got this skirt at Annie Jean you guys all need to check this store out they have such cute stuff and they are having a killer sell on shirts so hurry quick and hop on over to their site. Now I seriously love basics and Everlane has so many basic shirts in a variety of colors that you can add to your wardrobe and these are very essential pieces in my opinion. I actually found this store through another blogger and I am so gla I did because I love these shirts! This vest I have worn before, but I really love how it looks with this skirt it gives it a little more of a casual bohemian look. And these shoes oh my goodness I am totally in love with them they are so cute and so different! When I walked into Lemon Ice in the University Mall I was so excited when I saw them I had to try them on! I just love them I can't get over them!

Vest: Style Says Shop Shirt: Everlane Skirt: Annie Jean Shoes: Got mine at Lemon Ice but they are also at DSW

Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below, love ya!


  1. so glad you love Everlane! ;) They're one of my faves! I want them to have the shirts in more colors haha