Friday, May 16, 2014

Maxi dresses for DAYZ!!!!

Happy Friday, wahooo this week has been super crazy busy for me with getting lots of stuff ready for preschool graduation next week. Ya know its been a busy week when your home needs some major TLC. Oh boy mine really need some love so that's what I will be doing all of today making my house perty and clean. :)

Onto this fantastic floral Maxi dress that has so many amazing qualities that you seriously just can't beat. First of all its a maxi so its super comfortable, flowy, classy, and so cute! Second is that its floral and who in the world doesn't like floral its like the prettiest most girly print ever and looks amazing on everybody. Third it has POCKETS finding pockets in dresses is like amazing... not that I am going to really put anything in them, but hey at least I know them are there if I need them. ;) Fourth its one of the easiest outfits in the world if you are in a hurry you just slip on a dress add a cardigan and some jewelry and it looks fabulous without even trying to hard! This cute lace backed cardigan is beautiful I love how it looks with this dress, it adds just a little more elegance yet its still super comfortable and wearable. I added some pretty pearls for my accessories and this might be one of my favorite looks! Its a perfect look for spring and summer weather! The amazing dress and cardi are from one of my favorites boutiques that I am sure you have all heard of. Bella Ella they have some of the most adorable clothing ever I want all of it! Be sure to check them out!

Maxi: Bella Ella Cardigan: Bella Ella Pearls: Necklace similar bracelet Shoes: Old Forever Young

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Mindy Sue

p.s I am getting my blog design worked on as we speak I am super excited!!!

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