Monday, May 12, 2014

Me Just Trying Out the Boho Look.

Good Morning, and happy start to a fresh new week! I all hope you had a fabulous Mothers Day and gave the mommies in your life lots of love! I know I did!

 For today's outfit I wanted to wear something a little different than what I would usually wear, so I found some really chic pieces and I absolutely love how this outfit turned out! My hubby even said this outfit was one of his favorites, that my friends is a big score! Pacsun has obviously become one of my favorite stores in fact its where I got think cute tank and vest(and also my beauty of a kimono that I wore here)! I love this tank it really reminds me of the Indian ghost catcher that my mom had forever that I am pretty sure my Grandpa Charles made for her. Pretty neat Indian stuff that I always thought was pretty sick! All in all this shirt just has a really cute print and awesome color, when I saw this vest and put the two together I knew it was a match made in heaven. Needless to say I was pretty darn happy with my purchase. To add what I like to think is bohemian is this super cute gold head wrap from Icing. I love love all the accessories at Icing it is totally my go to store when looking for something fancy smacy! If I had all the money in the world I am pretty sure I would own every single one of their headwraps(plus all the other amazing things they have there). I love this gold headwrap because it is super simple and adds just the right pop to this outfit! These booties I have had for a while  and I got them for a steal of a deal at Old Navy. Ever since I got them I just cannot stop wearing them they are just so comfy and also really cute. I added this simply stated jewel necklace from Forever 21 and everyone needs a simple necklace like this and they are usually pretty cheap so get on over to Forever 21 and find you one!

And for my love of Arhcie Rue here is the cute little stinker, he is almost a year old he was born exactly a month after me and Trav got married! (we got busy pretty quickly haha) :)

Vest: Pacsun Top: Pacsun Jeans: AE Boots: Old Navy similar

Hope you enjoyed please leave your comments below!
Yours truly,
Mindy Sue

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