Monday, June 30, 2014

Bloopety Bloops for Some Laughs on a Monday!

If you blog at all... or take any kind of pictures of human beings... Bloopers are inevitable, today I just wanted to share with you some of my best bloopers! Keepin it real here on Style by Suzy! Have a great Monday morning laugh.

Can you see the photo bomber down there with the rocks?

Yes I do think I am funny!

Oh just trying not to smile... My family has made fun of this face my whole life!

This is what a majority of my pics look like... I just really like to blink right when the picture is taken!

Calm it down calm it down calm it down!

Some kind of dance move....

Blinking right on que

Love my photo bombing pup!

I think this was suppose to be hott???.... Yikes

Prissy invisible purse holding

Uhh what did you just say I looked like?

Lick those teeth like you mean it girl!

Hope you enjoyed my weirdness... Leave a comment below and have a fantastic Monday!!!!
P.s my next post will be me with short hair again... Get ready for that haha

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy One Year!!!

This is probably the most picture heavy post I have ever done but hey 1 year anniversaries kind of call for that kind of stuff! I cannot believe that it has been a full year since Trav and I tied the knot and honestly I can say that it was the most amazing day of my life! Everything was perfect, from the decor to the colors, to the most important people being there. And the most important, the man that I was sealed to was perfect for me! One year ago today I made the best decision of my life to marry Travis Rex Warren and I am seriously the luckiest person in the entire world! He is seriously the best and I couldn't be luckier! Love you Trav happy one year we made it!!! Can't wait to see what the years after will bring! Sort and sweet I love this man so much and everyday I think I just love him even more! He is just amazing!

Enjoy this cute video! I know I did!

Hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wearing Holes in my Shirt!

Well hello lovlies and happy Tuesday! I only have a three day work week! Wahoo and then its of to Moab for Trav and I's first anniversary! I seriously can't believe its been a year since we tied the knot! It seems like just yesterday that he proposed! Its so crazy!!! Happy almost one year Travis Rex!

Onto this cute outfit, I got some gift cards for my birthday so I went on over to Maurice's to look for some cute items. I came across this snazzy top that I thought was adorable and so different from everything else I own! I don't really know why but I am very attracted to this olive green color I guess I just like the way this color looks on blondes... Plus I love this cute hole design in the front. This outfit is so simply yet it can still be worn somewhere nice because of these super cute heels that I got from 10 dollar mall. These jeans from AE also dress this shirt up very nicely. This outfit has so many simple pieces yet when you put together they make an easy cute outfit for going out to a casual dinner or just dressing up for work.

Who doesn't like taking pictures with there pup! :)

Top: Maurice's (on sale) Jeans: AE Heels: 10 dollar mall

Hope you all enjoyed!
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Friday, June 20, 2014


Ahhh hello lovlies I feel like life has been pretty insane lately only because of the fact that I am still getting used to this 9-5 schedule of not getting anything done! Saying that I also have to say I am sooooo incredibly stoked the weekend is finally here... wahoo partay! Haha

Onto my first LBD ever! I seriously love this dress from Dorthy Perkins, it hugs all the right curves making whoever is wearing it look super fabulous! As of now this dress is only 21 dollars and there are always fantastic sales, so head over to Dorthy Perkins now! I dressed it up with this stunning necklace from Mindy Mae's its adds just the right touch of sparkle and elegance(I love how the necklace says my name on the tag haha). Then I added a nice pop of color with my bangle bracelet and these gorgeous pink sandal heels from Lulu's. All of these pieces worn together made a look of pure sophistication and elegance.

Dress: Dorthy Perkins Heels: Lulu's Necklace: MMM

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed! Please post a comment below. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Concert Style!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Hopefully today will be a little bit more bright and cheerful, I mean snow in June.... What the flip! We are only a couple days away from the first day of summer though so knowing that its going to get warmer makes the snow and cold rain OK.

Alrighty, onto my concert attire I actually wore this outfit on Saturday to the One Republic concert. I guess its kind of a tradition that my friends and I started last year to go to the One Republic concerts in Utah. And seriously they are sooo good live and honestly that is what makes me like them even more I mean I actually know that they can sing and they aren't just using technology!

Finally the outfit, I am super excited to introduce all you readers to a magnificent site called 10 Dollar Mall, seriously when I saw this site on another bloggers page I knew I had to check it out. And you should to, every thing is seriously 10 dollars and under they have a huge selection of anything you might be looking for so go check it out! I got this beautiful lace embellished button up from them, and I love the cute little pearls that are one the collar. This lovely colored v-neck I purchased at American Eagle and I love it so much that I actually bought some of the other colors as well, it helped that they are on sale too. I also got these adorable strappy heels from the fabulous 10 dollar mall! (I may have bought two pairs in different colors but whatev's) I also added a little bit of edge with this gorgeous necklace from Mindy Mae's Market, seriously adore all of the fine jewelry at this place, if I could I would have every piece!

Button up: 10 dollar mall similar V-neck: AE Shoes: 10 Dollar Mall Necklace: Mindy Mae's

One Republic Partiers! Had so much fun with these girlies!

Happy Hump day! Hope you enjoyed, please comment below! :)