Monday, June 30, 2014

Bloopety Bloops for Some Laughs on a Monday!

If you blog at all... or take any kind of pictures of human beings... Bloopers are inevitable, today I just wanted to share with you some of my best bloopers! Keepin it real here on Style by Suzy! Have a great Monday morning laugh.

Can you see the photo bomber down there with the rocks?

Yes I do think I am funny!

Oh just trying not to smile... My family has made fun of this face my whole life!

This is what a majority of my pics look like... I just really like to blink right when the picture is taken!

Calm it down calm it down calm it down!

Some kind of dance move....

Blinking right on que

Love my photo bombing pup!

I think this was suppose to be hott???.... Yikes

Prissy invisible purse holding

Uhh what did you just say I looked like?

Lick those teeth like you mean it girl!

Hope you enjoyed my weirdness... Leave a comment below and have a fantastic Monday!!!!
P.s my next post will be me with short hair again... Get ready for that haha

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