Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Concert Style!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Hopefully today will be a little bit more bright and cheerful, I mean snow in June.... What the flip! We are only a couple days away from the first day of summer though so knowing that its going to get warmer makes the snow and cold rain OK.

Alrighty, onto my concert attire I actually wore this outfit on Saturday to the One Republic concert. I guess its kind of a tradition that my friends and I started last year to go to the One Republic concerts in Utah. And seriously they are sooo good live and honestly that is what makes me like them even more I mean I actually know that they can sing and they aren't just using technology!

Finally the outfit, I am super excited to introduce all you readers to a magnificent site called 10 Dollar Mall, seriously when I saw this site on another bloggers page I knew I had to check it out. And you should to, every thing is seriously 10 dollars and under they have a huge selection of anything you might be looking for so go check it out! I got this beautiful lace embellished button up from them, and I love the cute little pearls that are one the collar. This lovely colored v-neck I purchased at American Eagle and I love it so much that I actually bought some of the other colors as well, it helped that they are on sale too. I also got these adorable strappy heels from the fabulous 10 dollar mall! (I may have bought two pairs in different colors but whatev's) I also added a little bit of edge with this gorgeous necklace from Mindy Mae's Market, seriously adore all of the fine jewelry at this place, if I could I would have every piece!

Button up: 10 dollar mall similar V-neck: AE Shoes: 10 Dollar Mall Necklace: Mindy Mae's

One Republic Partiers! Had so much fun with these girlies!

Happy Hump day! Hope you enjoyed, please comment below! :)

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