Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Birthday post!

Well hello and Happy Tuesday we made it past Monday so that is always a fantastic sign. I have no clue why Monday has such a bad stigma but I struggle so bad with Mondays, I made it and so did you! Plus its my birthday week so I guess I get to party all week long! (even though I have to work)

Its my birthday today!!! I am almost officially 21 totally legal... I mean I get to have my license flipped sideways! I am so cool! This spunky, summery outfit totally fits into fantastic birthday wear! I am loving this dress the color is perfect and I love the polka dots plus its buttoned all the way down I love how elegant the buttons make it look. I did have improvise with the skirt to make it a little longer so that I could wear it with my long torso and legs and I love how it turned out. I added this beautiful floral crown that seriously is my new favorite, the flowers in it are gorgeous. I love their color and the sparkle, I honestly think that this floral crown made this outfit! My advise to all of you is find some cute clothes but make sure you add your own personal touch with the accessories you use they add so much of your personal style and flair and make the outfit yours! So make sure you accessorize whether you like cute simple pieces or extravagant funky pieces, wear them to show of your personal style.

Dress: Old similar Belt: Old Navy Floral Crown: Icing Shoes: Payless

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Have a fabulous Tuesday!
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