Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our life Lately

Whew where to begin! Our lives have changed in little/big ways these past few months and its a dang good thing I have my hubby/best friend to keep me grounded and staying positive.

We both got new jobs! Trav started working for Spanish Fork City, for him it was a pretty big transition. He has moved from his work truck being his office to actually having to work in an office. At first I think he was a little worried of the changes but now I think that he is feeling a little bit more comfortable in his role and feeling more effective in his job. For me I have started working at Provo Abstract Co. and it has been a HUGE change for me working 9-5 everyday! I seriously don't know how you people do it! Whew I already feel like I am needing a long break, how the heck do you get anything done in a day I have worked four days and laundry is seriously bulging out my front door! Two thumbs up to those who always work these hours, needing a good vacation!

A few weeks ago we went to St. Geezy to support my in laws as they did a half Iron Man! Yes they are like insane, but that is a super amazing accomplishment! It was such a great break to get away for a super warm and wonderful weekend... I really wouldn't mind living over there as long as I had a pool in my backyard. Anyways my sister and brother in law were amazing, its so crazy what a human body can do! Those of you who may not know the half Iron Man consist of swimming, running, and biking for long periods of time haha.

St Geezy selfie!

Memorial day weekend was awesome we went camping in Holden the same spot Trav and I got engaged last year on Memorial day weekend it is crazy how time flies I seriously cannot believe it has been a year since we got engaged, and almost a year since we have been married! Whew that totally baffles me because it feels like it hasn't been that long, yet it seems as if Trav and I have know each other forever!

This is about the same exact spot that Trav and I got engaged and sunset! Really cool that its been a year!

Got to finally try this delicious treat I want to try all the other flavors but make sure I have my sharing buddy because it was hard to finish myself.
Art City Donuts.

We also did a little golfing which was pretty fun I love driving golf carts!

And Trav had a nasty spill into the snow plow after being bit by a huge Mastiff dog!Kinda gross but it was pretty cool to see it get stiched... and I didn't even pass out!

There is my spill! Hope you enjoyed! P.S I am totally stoked to be working on my blog design I cannot wait for it to be done!                           

HAPPY THURSDAY! Have a good Friday and weekend!


  1. wow, lots going on for you guys! thats fun you got a new job! 9-5 jobs can be tuff but rewards! especially when that pay check comes around :) hope travs gash is getting better!

  2. Thanks Kelsey! I am pretty sure you know my friend Julie Penrod! 9-5 is so hard for me ha but it's getting better! Thanks for commenting! I love your blog :)

  3. I like your blog Mindy! It is so cool to know what is going on with you. I miss you and your "what a heck" emotion)). Oh, I had been working 8/5 by years (before my marriage it worked pretty easy), but now it is sounds crazy for me as well. I am sure you will be just fine. I am sure in near future your kids will help you with that;))))