Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Your so Classic!!!

Not to much to say on this glorious Friday except for just wishing the sun would come out to play this weekend because I am feeling pretty adventuress... I think a lovely hike with my hubby and my puppy sounds delightful!!! 

This outfit is just so classic and simply comfortable... I guess this would be my fourth of July outfit maybe.. I didn't get to post mine because the shirt I bought still has not come in the mail, but that is a different story I am not going to get into. I love this simple dress from H&M and this cute levi jacket I added some fun accessories and there you have it my classic outfit! Hence the baby your so classic song I am singing right now!

Jacket: Aero Dress: H&M similar Heels: 10 Dollar Mall

Is anybody else kind of upset how the last Pretty Little Liars ended??? I am like what the heck no come one haha. And if anyone has went to see The Fault in Our Stars holy cow saddest movie ever I totally cried in the theater so take your tissues!

Hope you enjoyed have a fantastic day! And a great weekend be sure to follow my blog!
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