Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just Peachy!

Good morning and happy hump day!! YEA!!! I hope you have all had a fantastic week so far I know mine has felt pretty darn slow but hey I get to go hang out with the Mathews crew at our little camp a thon!  I am pretty excited to see everyone because I rarely ever see them all, so it will be great fun!

I know I know I have not been very good on keeping up with my blog but I promise I am still here! I probably won't be posting as much for a while, things have just been crazy busy and I have had no time to take pictures. I vow to post at least once a week until things get back to normal again!

This outfit was honestly just something I threw together quickly one morning and I really liked how it looked so I thought I would share it with you. Most of the items in this post are just pieces that I have had for awhile now but I never thought to put them together. Before I started this blog I always loved fashion but I feel like when I started doing these posts, my fashionista creative juices started flowing like cray cray. I seriously lay in bed at night and think oooh that would be so cute together and then put it together the next day. Sometimes the outfit is a complete success and other times I come out looking like a complete clown haha. I guess I am just going off on how much I have loved getting some more creativity in what I have been styling lately. Mixing things up into many different combinations, just think about it though there are so many different possibilities for one shirt! So there is my spill for the day thank you to all who have helped me in any way shape or form with this blog I love doing it, I love you all!

Back this fun outfit! I got the shirt at Buckle probably a year ago when I was super obsessed with that place. I love the cute peachy color and the lacy feel it gives plus it has some really cute bling at the top and saved me some money on not having to buy a necklace with it. I thought I would dress this fancy top down a little bit by adding this super cute vest that I have worn a ton on this blog because I LOVE it! I also got some suuuper cute new jeans from AE of course with some discount codes which makes me love them even more! I have never had gray skinnies but when I saw these I really wanted to try them out and..... they are the perfect jean I wish I could wear them everyday! 

Jeans, Shirt: similarVestHeels

Hope you all enjoyed! Don't forget to follow along!!! Also leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Happy HUMP DAY!!!


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  1. Too cute-and too funny- I was going to use the exact same title here!