Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Lately!

I feel like I have a ton to share because I haven't posted to much lately especially about style haha sorry! I will be back on that next week, but I had to share with you my adventures in Moab with my hubby!!! It was so much fun and we did some pretty crazy stuff which you may already know if you follow me on Insta or FB.

So first of to get started we went to Moab for our one year anniversary because I am a loser and have lived in Utah my whole 21 years and I have never been. So we headed on up there and we had talked about going on some fun adventures but weren't positive what we were going to do. When we got down there Friday morning Trav decided to call the airport and see if there were any available spots for skydiving. The lady on the phone said they had one at 8 and 9 we chose the 9 o clock time and then gave them our card number and they told us if we canceled there was no refund.... so we had plans to go skydiving the next morning and there were no if ands or buts about it! So we went on with the rest of the night not fulling knowing what we had gotten ourselves into. The next morning we arrived at the hanger at about 8:50 and practically had to sign our lives away, which was pretty scary seeing as the word that stood out on the paper the most was the word die!!!! I just tried to ignore that because everyone was saying it was safe and fun and all. After we signed our lives away we met our tandem partners and they made jokes about how we didn't have to pay until we got back in case we didn't make it and so on. We got all strapped up and headed out to our plane, we hoped into the plane and we were off!!! The view was beautiful and I had never been in a plane that small so it was really really neat. When we got close to the jumping point we had to get strapped up to our tandem buddies which was pretty awkward because we had to scoot up on top of them but it was ok. After getting all ready I suddenly felt like I might pass out, I asked my tandem buddy if anyone had ever passed out and he said nope but he has been barfed on and peed on. I was like oh nice and then said a quick pray that my bodily functions would not act up at any point. I was the first one to jump out and it was time to open up the door... you can imagine the nerves that I got at this point. I stepped my foot out onto the step and before I knew it we were flying going about a hundred and twenty miles per hour! My eyes were so watery I could not see a thing!!! Then the parachute came out and whoosh we were pulled back up into the air. I was then able to look around and see every thing it was so amazing I was like a BIRD, plus wipe my tears and the drool of my face. I looked up and saw Travis falling which was pretty cool and then before I knew if we were firmly planted on the ground and I could not believe what I had just done!! It was the coolest feeling in the whole world to just be floating in the air. I will never ever forget my skydiving experience!

Another fun thing that we did is go stand up paddle boarding down the Colorado River and oh my gosh it was gorgeous!!!! It was pretty fun and very relaxing!

Sooo much fun! Moab is beautiful!!

This was at dead horse point! I can't get over the views! Amazing!

Hope you enjoyed... comment below and have a fantastic three day weekend!!!
Happy 4th!!!


  1. That is SO amazing! I love adventurous vacations like this! Happy anniversary to you guys!

  2. It was sooo much fun seriously everyone should experience it at least once!!! Thank you!!!