Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer is Not Over Until I Wear my Floral Skirt

Hello and Happy Friday! I am keeping good on my promise to post once a week so your welcome! Haha. Life has been pretty crazy with getting back to school and preschool all in the same week, lets just say this week was a major change for me. But I am so excited to get back into the routine of things. I am one that is kind of holding onto summer but I also love love layering clothes, wearing fall colors, and getting my boots out.

Today's outfit is definitely more on the summery side and I love it! I got this adorable comfy skirt from My Sisters Closet and this store is seriously top notch. They have some amazingly cute clothing and for a really great price, so be sure to check them out! I added this plain blue shirt in which I call my comfy shirt, I would wear it everyday if I could its nice and loose and such a pretty pop of color for this skirt. I added some simple statement jewelry and my cute wedge high heels. Now these high heels are the ones Archie Rue chewed up the strap I was sooo mad at him. So I took them to the shoe shop in Spanish Fork and they did an amazing job I can't even tell that Archie got them!

Thanks for reading, have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend! Make sure to leave a comment below :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Favorite Color and Some Polka Dots

Hello lovely fashion divas! I know, I know I have not posted style in forever, but I promise it is not my fault! We are just trying to save a bit of money for school, cars, new camera ect. It really stinks but I will not be posting as much fashion as I would like to. I will try to post one outfit a week until we get a big chunk of change in the bank. So bear with me for a while and please keep checking back because I am not going anywhere! Be sure to follow me on Insta here for updates on when I am posting! 

Today I am posting yet again one of my favorite OOTD's I hope you like it as much as I do! First I would like to talk about an amazing store called Winsome Jones they have such adorable clothing like this cute Navy Polka dot Crop top I am styling today. I didn't think I would like this crop top trend because I didn't think it would fit into my modest style but I just added a cute high waist hi low skirt and I am in love. You can style them with pencil skirts too, they would look adorable and still keep you modest! I have worn this skirt so many times on this blog because I love how comfortable and stylish it is, I honestly think I could wear it everyday! I added some fun accessories like my gold head wrap along with these super cute shoes. And there you have it a cute fun outfit for a day/night out on the town!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life Lately

Wholly molly where have I been I have so many things to share, warning right up front this is going to be a pic heavy post so get ready!!!

Alright I am going to start with what we have been doing most recently and then go down the list from there I hope you enjoy!

First of all we went rednecking and went to the Demolition Derby and it was amazingly fun! I have never been to one but it was so fun to watch! For the love of human entertainment right?

I started the Whole30 on August, 6 wahoo for taking a healthy step! For those of you don't know what that is go and check it out here. I am currently starting my day 14 and honestly it hasn't been that bad the first week was probably the hardest and my hardest day was day 2, plus the weekends seem to be difficult as well. Now that I have gotten rid of my Diet Coke headaches I have been zooming! I  am almost halfway and so far I have been feeling less sleepy, better about myself, and I am sooo satisfied with what I am eating. I can't wait to see what day 30 will feel like. I have had dreams that I cheated by eating chips and yellow gumballs so far. I do get cravings but when I do I go drink lots of water or eat some frozen grapes and I am ok. Up above have been some of my favorite things that I have been enjoying. The part I love the most about whole 30 is that it is teaching me to be creative with different healthy foods. 
I had my last day at Provo Abs and I am so excited to start preschool! I was pretty ready to get out of there because I just wanted to get started with preschool stuff.

I rode my inlaws new horse named Chief and it was so much fun! But I do have to tell you I was so nervous before I got on and then when I started riding it was blissfully fun. I can't wait until we go on a longer ride!


Mathews Family Campout!
We went to our annual family campout at Rock Creek and it was a blast other than the rain haha I think we got rained on everyday. We played lots of games went swimming in the river, where I got stung by a nasty hornet! :( We talked, relaxed, and simply just hung out with family which was just amazing. I loved taking my hubby up there and showing him what I used to do every year when I was young. It was so nice to see my dads family and talk to them and see what they are up to, because we don't get to see them very often either. Archy Rue ending up looking pretty saggy and gray as you can see in the picture above he had to get a haircut right when we got home. This trip was just amazing and reminded me of how thankful I am for the family that I have, and I am so thankful that we got to spend some time together.

These two are just the cutest ever! I love, love, love my Travy Rex and Ellery Belle

 We went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo and it was fun to hang out with this weird family.

We went to feed the duckies and I even gave Elle a delicious chocolate peanut butter bar because what else are Aunts for?

And yup you guessed it I got my keys locked in my car, and just my luck the spare was also in there so thanks to Phil for helping me out! P.s he may not know I took this picture.... SHHHH!

Last but not least it was Archy Rues first/fifth birthday! He was so happy to let us dress him up.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Floral Kimono!

I promise I am still here!!! Yikes I feel like my blog is not getting enough love lately but life gets so busy sometimes, so props to all those bloggers who find the time to post everyday! I have just recently given my two weeks for my job I only have a couple more days left and then its preschool time wahoo! So I have been busy working all day and getting stuff ready to get the year started. And if you follow me on insta you will also know I am doing the Whole30 program and I have made it to day three. I hope to tell you more about this program its pretty amazing and will hopefully help me keep making healthy choices even after I am done with the thirty days!

This outfit is super simple yet adorable. I love how casual yet elegant this flowy floral kimono makes this outfit look, its super simple but the color and pattern make it look extravagant! I added this simple cream flowy top, some jewels, and my favorite AE jeans. This outfit is totally wearable where ever it is you want to go and the best part is... its comfty! One more things I am also wearing these adorable jeweled flip flops my hubby gave me for my birthday and I cannot stop wearing them they go so cute with everything! I think I already need a new pair! (wink wink Trav) ;)

Kimono: Group Dealz Jeans: AE Sandals: Maurices