Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Loving the Bright Leopard Pattern

Well hello there lovely ladies! I am so sorry I missed last weeks post but I am back and ready to get posting again! Haha I went to Lake Powell last week as all of you that follow my instagram know. It was amazingly fun, Lake Powell is seriously the most gorgeous place, we parked the house boat in an amazing spot with a nice sandy beach to play on. It was just a blast, but it did mark the end of summer for me. I am ok with summer being over somewhat because I love fall the world looks so beautiful all colored up by the changing leaves on the trees and its just amazing.(And you know I love my fall fashion.) Plus when I think of fall and these glorious smells come to mind like pumpkin spice, vanilla, and cinnamon! But as for the coming cold months.... please nooo SNOW not yet ahhhh!

Anyways now that my rambling is over its time to talk about my outfit! This dress I was very timid of when I bought it, because honestly I have nothing else like it in my wardrobe. Its was super bright, crazy patterned and I really didn't know if it was something that I could pull off. Buuut it was only 10 bucks, so I grabbed it off the rack and headed to the register. When I got home I tried it on and still wasn't completely sold so I hung it up in my closet for a while. Then one day BAM I decided to bring it out and add a cute cardigan, gold belt, with some cute nude heels. Oh and who could forget this gorgeous necklace I love the shapes and how sparkly it is, this necklace truly completes this look and makes it even more fantastic. And in the end I have to say that I love this dress! I love the color and the pattern and everything else about it needless to say, I am glad that I bought it when I did.

This picture doesn't really show off the outfit to much but I thought it was cool so here it is.

 Have a fantastic evening, and don't be shy post a comment below and tell me what you think! Also I would love for you to follow along!
Love ya!

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