Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Room Makeover with Target and Hobby Lobby

Hello lovelies I am so excited to share this room makeover with you! I am honestly really embarrassed to show you the before pictures because my room was so bad looking and seriously BORING before I made these changes. I can't believe I let it go on for so long! But finally one weekend when my hubby was hunting I decided our room needed a major detour in style! (When the husbands are away the wife's get to play.) So I ended up moving everything around to open up the room a little bit more, and that meant putting the bed against a window which didn't know if I liked.  But lucky for me Pinterest had fantastic ideas, I don't know what I would do without Pinterest. After I moved everything around and dejunked a lot of stuff I took a few trips to some stores. I got most of my stuff from Hobby Lobby and Target but I also visited TJ Max, Pier 1, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon. It took me a while to get everything collected but I absolutely adore how things turned out. Let me know what your think!
Awe so much better! Haha

I looove these pillows but I definitely looked everywhere to find what I wanted.

The dresser turned out beautiful. I really love everything on it!

Our LOVE box!

When I saw this I immediately fell in LOVE so adorable!

I was originally going to put this over the bed but it didn't work out how I planned which was ok because one of our other walls needed a little love. 

 I know I know the fan isn't to cute but it wouldn't be realistic without it. I cannot sleep without a fan on I have a problem haha.

 All of this was even Archie approved, he loves new stuff as much as I do!! His favorite thing to do it roll around on the bed and knock every single pillow off, oh and of course sleep on his new favorite fur blanket.

Comforter:Target ON SALE! Faux Fur Pillow:BB&B ON SALE! Sequin Pillow:BB&B 
 Fur Throw:Pier 1 Decor:Hobby Lobby

 I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed making this room makeover! Have a great Tuesday and leave a comment below!