Friday, May 30, 2014

My Favorite White Jacket.

Hello lovely ladies! And Happy Friday, yay for 4 day weeks they make the world go round! As most of you know I started my new job and honestly starting a new job kind of stanks! You feel lost you don't know what most people are talking about bla bla bla. I am so glad it was only four days this week or I may have exploded! I have had to figure out a new schedule for my blogging which has been kind of hard because now I feel like there is not enough time in a day! But I am going to make it work just because I love it so much. Sorry for my little spill lets get out of this boring stuff and onto this amazing outfit!

I had to get this outfit posted before spring turned into summer just because this is totally a spring outfit. I wore  this cute light jacket which I really adore, there are some beautiful little details on the back that just made me have to have this jacket. And I got at Maurices seriously girls if you have not been to this store you better get on that! They have the cutest stuff in fact this outfit is totally Maurices inspired because I also got this gorgeous blouse over there as well. I love how the embroidery just pops off of the chambray making this shirt looking super chic and sophisticated. I added these layered necklaces that I got at Maurices along with these comfy jeans from AE and these fashionable booties that I am so in love with! There is my OOTD!

Jacket: similar Embroidered Chambray Tank: Maurices Jeans AE Booties Old Navy
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

200 dollar birthday giveaway! Be sure to enter.

Hope you all had a great Memorial day weekend and got to get away somewhere! So excited to be doing my first giveaway be sure and enter to win some an awesome money prize! Good luck!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Simply Comfort

Hello lovely ladies! I feel like I have not blogged in forever(even though it was last Friday) it feels so good to be posting! Life has been pretty crazy lately, I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I am in the process of getting things ready for a preschool graduation, and when you are stressed at want things to run smoothly it seems like everything just falls apart! Haha I have had so much fun with these preschoolers but it will be a big sigh of relief when its all said and done. I have also been working on finding a job for the summer and I got one yesterday. I was so relieved when she said ok see you next Tuesday! Lots of changes around here I haven't worked a 9-5 job since I was a nanny so we will see how it goes.

Onto my super cute yet totally relaxed, simple, and comfy outfit. This navy shirt that I am wearing has become one of my favorite shirts ever! Its from Contagious in Spanish Fork and seriously you guys they have some really cute affordable clothing so if you are ever in SF check them out. This shirt is sooo comfy to wear looks chic and simple but you can totally dress it up with some fun accessories! You can wear this shirt seriously almost anywhere you want to go depending on how you dress it and Contagious has so many other colors to that will look great! I added a pretty light blue floral scarf that I have had for a while I actually wore it in my first post ever here. I added these cute distressed jeans and some lovely sandals plus some bling. This is seriously the easiest outfit and you can still look put together and very stylish!  

Shirt: Contagious Boutique Scarf: Maurices similar  Jeans: AE Bracelet: MMM Watch: Francescas

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Maxi dresses for DAYZ!!!!

Happy Friday, wahooo this week has been super crazy busy for me with getting lots of stuff ready for preschool graduation next week. Ya know its been a busy week when your home needs some major TLC. Oh boy mine really need some love so that's what I will be doing all of today making my house perty and clean. :)

Onto this fantastic floral Maxi dress that has so many amazing qualities that you seriously just can't beat. First of all its a maxi so its super comfortable, flowy, classy, and so cute! Second is that its floral and who in the world doesn't like floral its like the prettiest most girly print ever and looks amazing on everybody. Third it has POCKETS finding pockets in dresses is like amazing... not that I am going to really put anything in them, but hey at least I know them are there if I need them. ;) Fourth its one of the easiest outfits in the world if you are in a hurry you just slip on a dress add a cardigan and some jewelry and it looks fabulous without even trying to hard! This cute lace backed cardigan is beautiful I love how it looks with this dress, it adds just a little more elegance yet its still super comfortable and wearable. I added some pretty pearls for my accessories and this might be one of my favorite looks! Its a perfect look for spring and summer weather! The amazing dress and cardi are from one of my favorites boutiques that I am sure you have all heard of. Bella Ella they have some of the most adorable clothing ever I want all of it! Be sure to check them out!

Maxi: Bella Ella Cardigan: Bella Ella Pearls: Necklace similar bracelet Shoes: Old Forever Young

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Mindy Sue

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Me Just Trying Out the Boho Look.

Good Morning, and happy start to a fresh new week! I all hope you had a fabulous Mothers Day and gave the mommies in your life lots of love! I know I did!

 For today's outfit I wanted to wear something a little different than what I would usually wear, so I found some really chic pieces and I absolutely love how this outfit turned out! My hubby even said this outfit was one of his favorites, that my friends is a big score! Pacsun has obviously become one of my favorite stores in fact its where I got think cute tank and vest(and also my beauty of a kimono that I wore here)! I love this tank it really reminds me of the Indian ghost catcher that my mom had forever that I am pretty sure my Grandpa Charles made for her. Pretty neat Indian stuff that I always thought was pretty sick! All in all this shirt just has a really cute print and awesome color, when I saw this vest and put the two together I knew it was a match made in heaven. Needless to say I was pretty darn happy with my purchase. To add what I like to think is bohemian is this super cute gold head wrap from Icing. I love love all the accessories at Icing it is totally my go to store when looking for something fancy smacy! If I had all the money in the world I am pretty sure I would own every single one of their headwraps(plus all the other amazing things they have there). I love this gold headwrap because it is super simple and adds just the right pop to this outfit! These booties I have had for a while  and I got them for a steal of a deal at Old Navy. Ever since I got them I just cannot stop wearing them they are just so comfy and also really cute. I added this simply stated jewel necklace from Forever 21 and everyone needs a simple necklace like this and they are usually pretty cheap so get on over to Forever 21 and find you one!

And for my love of Arhcie Rue here is the cute little stinker, he is almost a year old he was born exactly a month after me and Trav got married! (we got busy pretty quickly haha) :)

Vest: Pacsun Top: Pacsun Jeans: AE Boots: Old Navy similar

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Yours truly,
Mindy Sue

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Friday, May 9, 2014

A little Bit of Boho

Well hello ladies, happy Friday to all! I am glad its almost the weekend and this one for me is just full of relaxation, hopefully it will be warm and that dang sun will stay out for longer than two seconds! I have the coolest story to tell you so yesterday, I was at my in laws house just visiting and this cowboy walked in for a visit with my father in law. And when I say cowboy I mean like olden day cowboy wearing a neckerchief, hat, wranglers, suspenders, and the sweet mustaches where is goes down past his chin. He had the whole cowboy shabang! Trav and I walked over and the guy turned around shook Trav's hand and then he lifted his hat to me!! Are you kidding me lifted his hat nobody has ever done that to me and it was pretty darn awesome that he was such an olden day gentlemen, like in all those cowboy movies!! Pretty special right? Anyways that was a ramble and a half now on to my cute outfit!

I got a high low skirt finally and I adore it, I love how flowy and comfy it is and the color is stunning. I got this skirt at Annie Jean you guys all need to check this store out they have such cute stuff and they are having a killer sell on shirts so hurry quick and hop on over to their site. Now I seriously love basics and Everlane has so many basic shirts in a variety of colors that you can add to your wardrobe and these are very essential pieces in my opinion. I actually found this store through another blogger and I am so gla I did because I love these shirts! This vest I have worn before, but I really love how it looks with this skirt it gives it a little more of a casual bohemian look. And these shoes oh my goodness I am totally in love with them they are so cute and so different! When I walked into Lemon Ice in the University Mall I was so excited when I saw them I had to try them on! I just love them I can't get over them!

Vest: Style Says Shop Shirt: Everlane Skirt: Annie Jean Shoes: Got mine at Lemon Ice but they are also at DSW

Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below, love ya!