Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Vest.

Hi lovlies I hope you are all doing great another happy Friday!!!

I met up with some really fun girlies Riley Jo and Emily and we ate, chatted, and took these lovely pictures by my cool new friend Albert and this beautimous pink wall and it was so much fun!!! I knew we were going to some cool walls so I chose my outfit accordingly. This outfit is so comfy and so perfect for everyday wear. When I saw this dress on Groupdealz (which is now called Eleventh Avenue) I snatched it up pretty quickly because duh Eleventh Ave has amazing prices on amazing clothes. This vest is from AE and I have been loving vests lately they just can really add so much interest to an outfit. I also got these super cute and comfortable sandals from AE I got a couple different pairs and I wear them uhhhh everyday. As if you couldn't tell AE is my fav and I love when they are having good deals, and they always seem to have great coupon codes! Hope you enjoy!

Wazzz up Mario!!!

Vest: AE
Dress: EA
Shoes: AE
Watch: Feral

Love you all!!!

xx Mindy Sue

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