Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pink or Blue? Two babies are Due!!!

Thanks to the mother for the amazing photo's!

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: My Sisters Closet
Shoes: MMM

Jeans: Wally World
Shoes: For his birthday.

Lovely Twin onesies: Etsy

Picture taken 14 weeks pregnant if I am remembering right haha.

So did you catch the announcement?!? We are having TWINS!!!! What?!?  We found out at 7 weeks that they were twins and we were completely shocked and so excited to get the news out. We honestly couldn't be more excited to start into this new chapter of our lives!!! I have decided to keep you guys updated on my blog kind of like a journal with little maternity fashion posts updates!!!

How far along: 16 weeks!!!

How big are the little peanuts: The size of an avocado!

Total weight gain: 8 pounds yikes those babies are growing!

Stretch marks: Nothing to bad yet just some little ones on my hips.

Maternity clothes: Just jeans because I was feeling a little bit squished and uncomfortable.

Sleep: Normal and I want lots of it!!!

Best moment this week: Listening to the babies heart beats nice and strong.

Sypmtoms: So so tired, sore breast, morning sickness, peeing all the time, and a little morning sickness still, also my hands have starting going numb at night its pretty strange and idk it this is normal haha.

Cravings: Basically anything unhealthy, pizza, pasta, rice, chips and salsa.

Gender: Unknown.... we find out in two weeks!! Yaya!

Bump: eh I just kinda look like I have gained some weight in the tummy area.

Thats all for now! Like I said we are soo so excited and can't wait to find out the gender! Stay tuned!!!