Wednesday, October 7, 2015

18 Weeks with Pink Blush.

Kimono: Pink Blush
Top: Old Navy
Booties: American Eagle

Good morning peeps! I finally got around to taking some pics for an update! I have really loved being pregnant so far besides all crazy symptoms. Also we got to find out the genders and shared them with our families, which was so exciting and we couldn't be happier. Sorry to keep you waiting but I will be putting a gender post up next week for you I promise! 

I have loved looking for different ways to dress myself right now, because honestly nothing really fits how it used to. So its been fun to explore and begin dressing the bump. This kimono that I am wearing from Pink Blush, I have gotten so many compliments on and I think it is perfect for the beginning of fall. I absolutely love all the colors it has in it so I can pair it with a ton of fun outfits. Now what I am sure you have all been waiting for..... and Update!

How far along: 18 weeks and 5 days!

How big are the little peanuts: The size of a sweet potato.

Total weight gain: Honestly I don't weigh myself unless I am at the doc's, soooo I am guessing about 15 pounds.

Stretch marks: Ya baby! Pretty sure I gained all my weight in my... boobs! TMI but thats how it honestly feels, they have got some lovely stretch marks along with my hips. But nothing on my belly other than I already have that little line that goes from my belly button down.

Maternity clothes: YES! I have been trying not to wear to many tops because they are so baggy, but they are so comfy and I am all in for wearing comfortable things right now! I am loving Old Navy, ASOS, H&M, and Pink Blush Maternity right now. Other than that I just buy baggy tops so I just don't look fat. If I could wear my husbands sweats all day and feel cute I totally would haha lazy status..... or just love for comfort.

Sleep: I find myself getting more worried if I wake up on my back or my tummy in the mornings because I don't want to be hurting them. I have really loved this pillow here for sleeping it makes me so much more comfortable. 

Best moments: I loved going to get the gender ultrasound and just watching them move around and kick each other. Its so amazing to watch right now and I could do it all day, because I am really not sure if I can feel them haha.

Symptoms: So hungry I wake up in the middle of the night to go potty and then get a piece of bread to munch on. A little bit of sickness on and off right now, its real annoying at this point. My hand is still going numb and most the time I cannot feel my fingers, my doctor called it pregnancy carpal tunnel and sent me to get a brace to wear at night which has helped a little but it still stinkin hurts!!! They really like to make my face break out as well which is really good for my confidence levels haha. 

Cravings: I have been loving potatoes.

Gender: I am so sorry to keep you waiting, but I will be announcing on the blog next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Bump: Still kind of in the fatty stage but there is definitely a little bump.

Thanks for reading today I hope you have a great Wednesday!

Love ya and see you in a bit for a gender reveal!!! ;)

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  1. I love this kimono on you! Such great photos too, the lighting on that last photo is superb!

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