Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Look with a Reindeer Sweater.

Beanie: Forever21
Sweater: Forever21
Shirt: Old 
Pants: Old Navy

I know the site doesn't call this a sweater but you know what.... this is my Christmas sweater!!! With it being Christmas week I wanted to find something that would fit my ever changing body but that was in the Christmas spirit. I am so sick of buying maternity clothes at this point I want to find things that can fit me after these babes come as well, which can be quite difficult. But I guess sweater/cardigans will do the trick for now. I seriously have been loving the winter look on Utah, the snow topped trees are seriously so beautiful. One of my favorite things this time of year is sitting in my nice warm house with a cup of cocoa and watching the snow fall.

I seriously cannot believe that its getting so close, I get to meet these two little boys pretty soon and its kinda freakin me out! I remember being 4 weeks along(not even knowing there were two in there) and counting down the days until my first doctors appointment and feeling like it was taking forever! I am glad that I was able to keep myself pretty busy until this point so that I didn't go crazy waiting and only waiting. But now the school semester is over and one of my jobs is done with, so hopefully I can still stay busy enough to not lose my mind playing the waiting game.

Merry Christmas you guys, I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Until next week, 
Love ya!

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