Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Charlie and Porter's Four Months.

These boys are 4 months and I really cannot believe they have been here for so long and they are getting soooo big I love/hate it. They get to start eating solids!!! Ahhh that sorta worries me haha wish us luck with making a mess... Hopefully my Archie  vacuum likes baby food!

Weight: 15lbs 8oz 48%
Height: 25.25 inches 49%
  • He loves to see his toes and always has his feet up in the air so he can grab his them.
  • He is my sleeper he loves his sleep and has always been such a good sleeper.
  • He has a temper temper temper, when he is mad he is fuming and you better give him what he wants. And he does this cry in his throat that always makes him start coughing haha.
  • He loves his bottle and would definitely just keep eating and eating... just like his mom haha
  • Charlies eye are the prettiest navy blue, it will be interesting to see if they will still change.
  • He has the cutest crooked smile that always starts on one side and gets bigger.

Weight: 13lbs 12oz 14%
Height: 24.4 inches 15%
  • He is usually my more relaxed one and has been so chill lately.
  • He is a creature of habit and has to have things the same way every time. Example when we went on vacation he had the hardest time sleeping in a playpen rather that his crib.
  • If I would let him he would snack all day long on his bottle and want one every ten minutes.
  • He is our little whiner he is always making noises, his daddy jokes all the time that he bugles like an elk.
  • His hair has started growing in quite a bit but you can only tell when he is in direct sunlight because he is soooo blonde!
  • Porters eyes are just like his daddies a nice light bright blue.
  • I have the biggest cheesers ever... if you even just look at them they start to grin which makes it really hard when you are trying to get them to eat or sleep haha.
  • They both have to have their faces covered to sleep which makes me super nervous that they can't breathe.
  • It seems they always want to be in the same outfit because when one has a blowout... you better bet that the other one is right behind him haha.
  • They love grabbing everything and anything that they can, blankies, moms hair, and there binky clips. They love rattling toys
  • They both always have their hands in their mouths, Porter always is gagging himself.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Charlie and Porter at 2-3 months!

These babes are 3 MONTHS OLD!?!?! What? Where in the world does time go? I feel like we just
brought these two cute dudes home yesterday!!! They are getting so big I really just can't believe it! We just went to their 2 month appt. and I could not believe how much they had grown!

First we will start with Charlie boy,
Weight: 12 lbs 15 oz 61%
Height: 22 3/4 inches 30%
  • Charlie loves to scowl at you when you are talking to him, its like he's trying to figure out what you are saying to him.
  • He loves to take baths and I think he would sit in the water all night long.
  • Charlie is an eater I think he would just keep eating and eating, he is also an awesome sleeper I think he is just growing so dang fast.
  • He is filling out and I love it, his cheeks are so kissable and his little legs I just loooove!
  • Charlie loooves tummy time and he is getting so strong kicking his legs and getting his head up.
  • When we go for a walk Charlie has to be in the front with his carseat cover open because he wants to see his mommy.
  • Charlie loves to talk... he coos when talked to and loves all the attention!

Now for Porter man,
Weight: 11 lbs 3 oz 20%
Height: 22.6 inches 23%
  • Porter has the biggest bluest eye and when he is awake he is always opening them as wide as he can and looking around.
  • Porter loves to get lotioned and makes the funniest faces when you massage his hands and fingers.
  • Porter semi loves tummy time he more loves to lay on your chest and look at you with his big blue eyes.
  • Porter is definitely chunking out but is not quite caught up to his brother.
  • Porter has started to loooove his hands! He is always trying to get them in his mouth and when he can get it figured out he gets so frustrated.
  • Porter loves to grunt he grunts when he is eating, sleeping and awake, I think he just likes you to know he is there. Haha
  • Porter is always the first one in the morning to wake up and let us know he is hungry.

Now for both
  • They love going on walks in their stroller with their puppy Archie Rue tied to the side of their stroller. 
  • They love going on car rides with mom to get a cokey.
  • They both are little smilers and love to be talked to, they love all the attention they can get and sometimes when you are giving attention to one the other starts talking saying what about me.
  • They both love blankies up around their face when they are sleeping.
  • Both love to kick and kick and kick and I love it! I sit between them and its like I am getting a massage. Haha
  • They both loved to be swaddled and thankfully they love their cribs.
  • Right as soon as they hit 3 months they started sleeping 6-8 hrs a night! YAY for mom!
  • They are good eaters, burpers, and tooters haha.... ALL BOY!

They are my whole world and I sometimes still can't believe they are all mine! Heres to more months of progress... but maybe time could slow down just a bit!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Charlie and Porter's Nursery.

Cribs: IKEA
Chair: Old one that we put a Sure Fit cover on.
Dresser: DIY that my Aunt painted for us.
Book Shelves: IKEA
Owlet Monitors: Owlet
Rug: Overstock
Deer Pillow: Etsy MeWeDesigns
Aztec Pillow: Etsy Primal Vogue
Aspens Canvas, P and C, Globe, Bear Picture, Be Brave Picture, Wood Arrow: Hobby Lobby
Arrow Pillow: Amazon
Gold Arrows and Wood Deer: Crafty Wood Cut Outs
Changing Pad: Amazon
Sheets: Walmart
Oh My Deer I Love You: Etsy
Boys Outfit: Old Navy
Savior Photo: Jean Keaton
Cubby Shelves: Target
Storage Bins: Target

Wellllll.... the boys are only 3 months and I am just barely getting around to posting their nursery.... Ya can you tell its taking me a bit to adjust to this new mom thing... I am really trying to get things rolling, I'm totally on the ball when it comes to these things! Haha. 

Anyways, when I found out I was pregnant I got on Pinterest and starting pinning nurseries like crazy trying to decide what I wanted this space to look like. Then we found out we were having twins and that put a whole new spin on things! I had to decide where I was going to put two cribs and still have room for all the other things I wanted. When we found out we were having boys I knew I wanted their nursery to be outdoorsy and of course Travy agreed! I wanted to make it rustic and outdoorsy but I still wanted it to have a nursery look so I kinda mixed baby and outdoorsy and I looove the way it turned out! This room is now honestly one of my new favorites in the house! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Mindy Sue

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Charlie and Porter's Birth Story

Well hello there! I have really been missing doing fashion posts but I will most likely be taking a break for a while and will be doing more lifestyle posts in the future. Hoping to get back to posting fashion posts every once in a while. Anyways I have seen so many birth stories and honestly I find them so touching and when I read them I always find myself tearing up because honestly there is nothing more beautiful than bring life into the world. SOOOO Gear up for a loooong post! Love you all!

First here is a little back story, at about 34 weeks into my pregnancy I started getting really bad headaches that were just not going away. Not with sleep, tylenol, or caffeine and it honestly felt like my head was going to explode! So I called my doctors office and the nurse told me to make sure I was drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest and just to watch my headaches. About a week later my headaches were still not going away and I was debating calling again or waiting until my appointment at the end of the week. Finally I couldn't take it so I called and scheduled an appt. for that day. I went in and they took checked my weight checked my urine and then took my blood pressure and I honestly can't remember what it was but the nurse said it was way higher than what it was suppose to be so of course I start freakin out. My Doctor came into the room and he said Mindy you are showing signs of early toxemia(preeclampsia) and you need to head straight up to the hospital we need to do some monitoring, you might be having these boys tonight...... Tears immediately starting welling up in my eyes because I was not even to the full 35 weeks yet and I was so nervous that my boys wouldn't be healthy enough and the thought of them being in the NICU really scared me. My Doc told me everything would work out and I left the office headed straight home and started shoving stuff into a hospital bag as fast as I could and headed up to the hospital. 

I was literally so nervous at that point and I had no idea what to think or what was going to happen. Trav was still at work and I told him I would call him to come up once I knew what was going on. I got up to the Utah Valley hospital and they checked me in I got changed into one of those sexy hospital gowns, got an IV and they hooked me up to some other machines to check on the babes and take my BP. I was there for three hours to be monitored they did some blood tests called my doc and then he told me that I was ok to go home but, I needed to tell my work I was done because I was to be on bed rest for early preeclampsia. Then me and my Dr. became best buds because I was in his office pretty much every day to be closely monitored I was told if I had any headaches at this point to go straight to the hospital. I also became very comfortable with the hospital because I was sent up to be monitored every other day. This went on for awhile until I hit 36 weeks and I was so happy to keep those boys growing, my doc said he would keep them growing in me until it became more dangerous for them to be in then out. 

And then Sunday February, 7th came and I woke up that morning with a pretty bad headache but was already headed to the hospital that day for some monitoring they told me not to eat anything just in case. I called and told my doctor I had a headache and he told me to get ready and come up earlier. We headed up for what we thought was just any other day of monitoring and I was seriously starving! The nurse said everything was looking ok and that I was probably going to head home. So Trav and I were thinking of places to go to lunch because I seriously felt like I could have eaten an elephant. Then out of no where a nurse came in with an IV bag.... My heart seriously dropped to my butt... what the heck was she doing with an IV bag? She said oh you didn't hear your doctor called another doctor for a second opinion and he decided he is taking you today... In that moment I felt total shock I honestly didn't feel ready, and there was so much going through my mind. I was in a total haze and felt like I might pass out... I was not ready for my boys to come I was worried they weren't ready either, I wasn't prepared for the surgery I was scared. The anesthesiologist came is and started talking about spinal blocks and epidurals blah blah blah. I really wasn't hearing anything I was in total shock because it was so unexpected! The nurses finally gave us a quick second to access what was happening I asked Travis for a Priesthood blessing that everything would go smoothly and that my boys would be ok and after that I felt so much more peace, but was still pretty nervous. I opted for them to roll me down to the OR because I was so shaky and felt like I couldn't stand. So they rolled me down just like in the movies I felt pretty weird in that big ole bed. 

I got into the room and the nerves hit me all over again when I started thinking about them giving me the spinal block I was so shaky and holding Trav's hand was the only thing getting me through at this point and I made it through. I was finally laying on the table looking around the cold OR room waiting for the numbness to kick in while the nurse was prepping me. I kept asking am I suppose to be feeling that.... am I suppose to be feeling her do that. Finally the anesthesiologist starting poking me with a pin saying ok can you feel that and I was like uhhhh ya! Every one starting laughing and the doctors teased that they were about to get started and I was over there like umm I can feel that haha. So I had to get all the stuff off and sit up to get an epidural(which wasn't as bad as they said it would be either). Then I laid back down and got everything back on got all prepped and starting feeling the epidural working. Then out of no where I started feeling so so sick and my stomach was feeling really tight and crampy so the nurse brought over a bag and I stared throwing up a little bit which honestly wasn't very pleasant. Finally the doctors said you are going to feel a big push on your stomach and out came Baby A Charlie Boyd Warren at 1:47pm weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long they took him into the back room of the OR and started working on him and found that his lungs hadn't opened all the way and he was retracting so they had to take him up to the NICU to get them opened and to get him breathing and eating. And then came Baby B Porter Kelly Warren at 1:49pm weighing 5 lbs 11 oz  17 1/4 inches long he was a strong little dude and I actually got so see him and hold his little fingers. I honestly was so happy they were here and that they were going to be ok I was totally at peace in that moment. Charlie ended up being in the NICU for two days due to his lungs not expanding all the way and they didn't think Porter would need to go up but he ended up being in there for two hours because he had started retracting a bit.
I finally got out of surgery and our sweet nurse asked if I could go see my boys up in the NICU, so they wheeled me in my big ole bed up to the nursery and I got to see my sweet boys. My heart was so full it felt like it was going to burst when I got to hold Porter. Then they wheeled me over to Charlie and I got to hold his little fingers and see his tiny face, I was so glad he was doing well but it was heartbreaking to see him all hooked up to machines it made me feel totally helpless. We actually didn't pick there names out until the second day, I told Travis I could not pick their names until I got to hold Charlie. And originally we were going to name Porter Charlie, I will put the story of why we named him Charlie under a photo down below.

 Charlie Boyd Warren born at 1:47 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long
 Porter Kelly born at 1:49 5 lbs 11 oz 17 1/4 inches long

 Porter... don't mind my birth face... I was so swollen!
Skin on skin with Porter.
This was the very first time I got to hold my Charlie Boyd, it was actually the moment that we decided on his name and it is a very special story. Right when I got him in my arms I got a very overwhelming feeling that my Grandpa Charles was right in there with him it was very comforting and touching to me to know that he was not ever alone when we were down stairs. That my Gramps was there watching after and comforting him. Plus Charlie Boyd also looked so much like his Grandpa Charles.

Dad and Charlie
FINALLY with BOTH my boys!!! <3

 Charlie skin to skin.

This was one of the most amazing things I will probably ever experience in my life. I know with all my heart that no matter how hard things get that this is what life is all about FAMILY. I am so very thankful for my new little family and I honestly wouldn't change a single thing about it!