Friday, January 22, 2016

Baby Shower look + 34 weeks bumpdate!

Thumbs up for growing babies.... haha

Jacket: Maurices
Jeans: Old Navy
Booties: AE

 First off I just want to start by saying THANK YOU so much for all the love and support I had at my baby shower! It was so touching to see all the support that we have for these two little boys already, and we got a lot of great stuff so thank you to all of those who helped make that day special! Now I just need to get all the stuff we got organized, my mom always jokes that we are going to need a bigger house so it makes me very grateful for our big shed that we can store stuff in until we need it.

This is the outfit that I wore to my baby shower and being the scattered brained me, I forgot the right lens for my camera....  So I didn't get a ton of pictures at my shower which makes me sad because it was so cute!!! Anyways at this point I am getting really annoyed at having to buy maternity clothes knowing that I literally only have a month to wear them and lets be honest I spend most of my days in my hubby's sweats and a t shirt haha. So with that being said this top and jacket are not maternity and they are soooo so cute! I have been loving the olive color as always and this cream lacy top looks so pretty paired with this olive jacket!


How far along: 34 weeks!!! I have one more week until I have made it to where my doc wants me to be, but I am hoping to keep them baking just a bit longer.

How big are they: As big as a butternut squash! And I am measuring at 40 weeks already for a single pregnancy!

Stretch marks: Basically I feel like a zebra..... yay for growing babes???

Symptoms: I thought I was sore in my last update..... WRONGO I seriously wake up and my whole body just aches!!! My feet are swollen fingers are swollen, and I am over here just feeling like a balloon! I have heartburn soooo bad all the time... tums are my best friend and you can find them all over the house! Not complaining though because I feel like this pregnancy has been easier than most.

Sleep: The past couple of nights have been so bad... I get up to go potty and then I cannot get back to sleep yet I am soo tired! It stinks and I also wake up seriously starving and thirsting to death!

Best moment: Of course all the support at my shower and getting all my cute stuff was awesome.... plus now we have starting getting everything ready for them arriving.(which still does not feel real) And I also just love feeling them go cray cray inside there!

Thanks for reading today! Have a great weekend!