Friday, May 13, 2016

Charlie and Porter at 2-3 months!

These babes are 3 MONTHS OLD!?!?! What? Where in the world does time go? I feel like we just
brought these two cute dudes home yesterday!!! They are getting so big I really just can't believe it! We just went to their 2 month appt. and I could not believe how much they had grown!

First we will start with Charlie boy,
Weight: 12 lbs 15 oz 61%
Height: 22 3/4 inches 30%
  • Charlie loves to scowl at you when you are talking to him, its like he's trying to figure out what you are saying to him.
  • He loves to take baths and I think he would sit in the water all night long.
  • Charlie is an eater I think he would just keep eating and eating, he is also an awesome sleeper I think he is just growing so dang fast.
  • He is filling out and I love it, his cheeks are so kissable and his little legs I just loooove!
  • Charlie loooves tummy time and he is getting so strong kicking his legs and getting his head up.
  • When we go for a walk Charlie has to be in the front with his carseat cover open because he wants to see his mommy.
  • Charlie loves to talk... he coos when talked to and loves all the attention!

Now for Porter man,
Weight: 11 lbs 3 oz 20%
Height: 22.6 inches 23%
  • Porter has the biggest bluest eye and when he is awake he is always opening them as wide as he can and looking around.
  • Porter loves to get lotioned and makes the funniest faces when you massage his hands and fingers.
  • Porter semi loves tummy time he more loves to lay on your chest and look at you with his big blue eyes.
  • Porter is definitely chunking out but is not quite caught up to his brother.
  • Porter has started to loooove his hands! He is always trying to get them in his mouth and when he can get it figured out he gets so frustrated.
  • Porter loves to grunt he grunts when he is eating, sleeping and awake, I think he just likes you to know he is there. Haha
  • Porter is always the first one in the morning to wake up and let us know he is hungry.

Now for both
  • They love going on walks in their stroller with their puppy Archie Rue tied to the side of their stroller. 
  • They love going on car rides with mom to get a cokey.
  • They both are little smilers and love to be talked to, they love all the attention they can get and sometimes when you are giving attention to one the other starts talking saying what about me.
  • They both love blankies up around their face when they are sleeping.
  • Both love to kick and kick and kick and I love it! I sit between them and its like I am getting a massage. Haha
  • They both loved to be swaddled and thankfully they love their cribs.
  • Right as soon as they hit 3 months they started sleeping 6-8 hrs a night! YAY for mom!
  • They are good eaters, burpers, and tooters haha.... ALL BOY!

They are my whole world and I sometimes still can't believe they are all mine! Heres to more months of progress... but maybe time could slow down just a bit!

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