Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Charlie and Porter's Nursery.

Cribs: IKEA
Chair: Old one that we put a Sure Fit cover on.
Dresser: DIY that my Aunt painted for us.
Book Shelves: IKEA
Owlet Monitors: Owlet
Rug: Overstock
Deer Pillow: Etsy MeWeDesigns
Aztec Pillow: Etsy Primal Vogue
Aspens Canvas, P and C, Globe, Bear Picture, Be Brave Picture, Wood Arrow: Hobby Lobby
Arrow Pillow: Amazon
Gold Arrows and Wood Deer: Crafty Wood Cut Outs
Changing Pad: Amazon
Sheets: Walmart
Oh My Deer I Love You: Etsy
Boys Outfit: Old Navy
Savior Photo: Jean Keaton
Cubby Shelves: Target
Storage Bins: Target

Wellllll.... the boys are only 3 months and I am just barely getting around to posting their nursery.... Ya can you tell its taking me a bit to adjust to this new mom thing... I am really trying to get things rolling, I'm totally on the ball when it comes to these things! Haha. 

Anyways, when I found out I was pregnant I got on Pinterest and starting pinning nurseries like crazy trying to decide what I wanted this space to look like. Then we found out we were having twins and that put a whole new spin on things! I had to decide where I was going to put two cribs and still have room for all the other things I wanted. When we found out we were having boys I knew I wanted their nursery to be outdoorsy and of course Travy agreed! I wanted to make it rustic and outdoorsy but I still wanted it to have a nursery look so I kinda mixed baby and outdoorsy and I looove the way it turned out! This room is now honestly one of my new favorites in the house! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Mindy Sue

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