Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Charlie and Porter's Four Months.

These boys are 4 months and I really cannot believe they have been here for so long and they are getting soooo big I love/hate it. They get to start eating solids!!! Ahhh that sorta worries me haha wish us luck with making a mess... Hopefully my Archie  vacuum likes baby food!

Weight: 15lbs 8oz 48%
Height: 25.25 inches 49%
  • He loves to see his toes and always has his feet up in the air so he can grab his them.
  • He is my sleeper he loves his sleep and has always been such a good sleeper.
  • He has a temper temper temper, when he is mad he is fuming and you better give him what he wants. And he does this cry in his throat that always makes him start coughing haha.
  • He loves his bottle and would definitely just keep eating and eating... just like his mom haha
  • Charlies eye are the prettiest navy blue, it will be interesting to see if they will still change.
  • He has the cutest crooked smile that always starts on one side and gets bigger.

Weight: 13lbs 12oz 14%
Height: 24.4 inches 15%
  • He is usually my more relaxed one and has been so chill lately.
  • He is a creature of habit and has to have things the same way every time. Example when we went on vacation he had the hardest time sleeping in a playpen rather that his crib.
  • If I would let him he would snack all day long on his bottle and want one every ten minutes.
  • He is our little whiner he is always making noises, his daddy jokes all the time that he bugles like an elk.
  • His hair has started growing in quite a bit but you can only tell when he is in direct sunlight because he is soooo blonde!
  • Porters eyes are just like his daddies a nice light bright blue.
  • I have the biggest cheesers ever... if you even just look at them they start to grin which makes it really hard when you are trying to get them to eat or sleep haha.
  • They both have to have their faces covered to sleep which makes me super nervous that they can't breathe.
  • It seems they always want to be in the same outfit because when one has a blowout... you better bet that the other one is right behind him haha.
  • They love grabbing everything and anything that they can, blankies, moms hair, and there binky clips. They love rattling toys
  • They both always have their hands in their mouths, Porter always is gagging himself.

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